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Teacher Helping a Student


Below you will find ideas on how to modify instruction for struggling students. You will also find the modified grading scale.

Modifications versus Accomodations

Modifications change the learning outcome. "We use modifications to allow students with more serious achievement gaps or disabilities to experience the same curriculum as their peers but not necessarily meet the same learning goals as their peers" (Cooper). 

Accommodations maintain learning outcomes. "[W]e use accommodations to allow students with less serious disabilities to access the same curriculum and meet the same learning goals as their peers" (Cooper).

Cooper, Teresa.  “What’s the Difference: Accommodations vs. Modifications.” The Educators Room, 30 Oct. 2014, 

Response to Intervention (RTI)

A struggling student doesn't always mean they need Special Education services, but sometimes it does. Response to Intervention is the first step in deciding what a struggling student needs. If a student does not respond positively to intervention twice, that student is eligible for testing. If interventions fail, please contact us. If you have questions or are planning interventions, contact the students' counselor and feel free to ask us.


Modified Grading Scale

A: 100-90

A-: 89-87

B+: 86-84

B: 83-80

B-: 79-77

C+: 76-74

C: 73-70

C-: 69-67

D+: 66-64

D: 63-60

D-: 59-50

F: 49-below

Grading Scale
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